Our workshops are highly experiential in order to facilitate the change our clients want to achieve. The workshops are followed by on-going coaching to ensure the implementation and sustainability of the change.

Programs - Business and Life Coaching

With the support of Essence Leadership Coaching you will

  • Gain more insight into who you are
  • Move towards aliveness and authenticity
  • Overcome the place of feeling stuck and make conscious choices
  • Let go of life structures that no longer serve you
  • Break free of self-limiting conversations
  • Create a compelling vision and set goals
  • Implement what you want to have in your life
  • Be the leader of your life
Essence Leadership provides Individual Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Team Coaching. For people who want to gain Coaching skills we offer Coaching Workshops for Leaders and an internationally accredited Coach Training Program for Professionals who want to become Coaches.
We coach Individuals, Relationships, Teams and Systems. For people who want to become coaches we provide Mentor Coaching.

Coaching Services: We recommend a minimum of three months to allow the impact of coaching to occur and to manifest.

Individual Coaching

People come to us because they want change. Following are major areas where we support our clients in their development and growth want to work on:


As a master of self-leadership, your values illuminate your landscape of possibilities and inspire courageous actions. You know how to align your personal strengths and aspirations with your goals, envision how you can make a difference, communicate authentically, and exercise courageous action in pursuit of personal excellence. You walk your talk, and in the process of doing so, you create natural, voluntary follower ship by others. This is nothing less than acting in concert with your deeply held convictions, without regard for personal gain or public image.

Living on Purpose

You are keenly aware of your strengths, and you are humble in the face of your liabilities. Your strengths are at the core of your personal convictions, and, together, they fuel the fires of your passions and nourish your commitment to causes much bigger than yourself. When you are on purpose, you are able to stay the course, commanding enormous discipline and focus in the wake of setbacks, external pressure, and even criticism by those who don't share your vision. You can do this because you are centered in your strengths and elevated by a powerful vision.

Career Resiliency

Resiliency, 21st century style, is about being able to change at the speed of need. This means your skills have to be continually resourceful in meeting opportunities and challenges. You are an active participant in the learning that will keep you ahead of the curve and in the driver's seat of your career and life. It's easy and satisfyingly challenging when you're playing to your strengths.

Organizational Leadership

Leaders at all levels must lead from a different place in order to support the achievement of the rapid fire results demanded today. Highly directive, "management centric" approaches to performing work may have worked in the Industrial Era workplace, but they fail miserably in today's complex, rapidly changing work environment. As a master of organizational leadership, you recognize and actively promote everyone to make their best contributions. You know how to foster the environment which inspires their commitment and energizes their actions. You will know how to maximize the potential of individuals and teams, promote a culture of collaboration, actively foster informal organizational networks, and demonstrate collaborative leadership skills in varied, highly demanding situations

Relationship Coaching

Building Relationship Bridges

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships with others is an important part of our growth process. The ability to relate well is a critical part of emotional intelligence and the ability to create and maintain intimacy with others is a key component to a person's well-being. At work, collaboration is key to success. And yet, many leadership studies show that middle and upper managers receive highest evaluations for their intellectual competencies and lowest marks for their interpersonal competencies. We support our clients in bridging the gap by developing and sustaining positive relationships which are rooted in trust and authenticity, preventing destructive conflict by addressing issues before they become problematic, managing the creative potential in interpersonal conflicts, optimizing communications by "flexing" your communication style, and managing your emotional reactions despite pressures. You create relationships with awareness and intent.

Team Coaching

Team Development and Coaching

Research shows that long term, the best performing teams show high scores in both productivity factors and positivity factors. The team assessment model is based on the latest work in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, team research at leading universities, and Organizational Systems Coaching. It measures the productivity and positivity of the team as a whole, instead of evaluating individuals. The Assessment is available in multiple languages.
Essence Leadership is a licensed partner of Team Coaching International, [] the owner of the Team Diagnostic Assessment.

Assessment, Workshop and Coaching
Based on the results of the team assessment we provide a two-day Team developing workshop followed by three months of team coaching to support the implementation and sustainability of the desired changes.

Coaching Workshops

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Organizational leaders in the new workplace must lead from a different place in order to deliver business results. Old models of management based on top down decision making are ineffective, especially given the demise of the lifetime employment contract. In its place, new models are needed in which leaders are able to inspire the full commitment and participation of every organizational member. In short, today's leaner, more efficient workplace needs everyone to be able to play to win.

The Value of Coaching to the Organization is about achieving extraordinary results for the organization and its customers. Building coaching competencies in an organization is a powerful strategy for creating a culture which adapts to change, is poised for innovation, and empowers all organizational members to make their best contributions. Coaching makes possible the creation of a workplace environment in which every individual is a valued contributor who is continually developing value-adding skills which are fully utilized by the organization.

Organizations which have incorporated coaching have demonstrated a high level of commitment to develop people as the key to achieving sustainable results, both in terms of efficiency and improved products and services. Coaching can play an important role in forwarding the business objectives of any organization. And coaching makes possible the bridging of performance and innovation gaps by expanding the roles of organizational leaders to include developing coaching competencies as a strategy for change

Workshop plus Coaching
Three-day workshop Coaching Skills for Leaders plus three months of individual Coaching. Upon request we offer advanced coaching workshops deepening and enhancing certain coaching skills.

Coach Training Program

As the German provider of Co-Active Coaching Courses (The Coaches Training Institute) we offer an internationally accredited Coach Training Program for people who want to become Professional Coaches or integrate Coaching Skills in their work.

The Co-Active coaching program is highly rigorous and is designed to integrate Co-Active coaching competencies deeply in your being rather than in your head, so that you can be responsive in the moment to a variety of client types and needs. The courses are in-person and involve a great deal of practicing with real people and real issues. CTI's coaching curriculum is made up of two basic components - the Core Curriculum and the Certification Program. Program format: The Core Curriculum consists of five in-person courses - Fundamentals, Fulfillment, Balance, Process, and In The Bones. Each one is a three-day intensive course. Certification is a six-month telecourse including hands-on coaching, ongoing group work, and one-on-one supervision of actual coaching sessions. The Core Curriculum and the Certification Program are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and satisfy the training requirements for ICF credentials. For more information visit [].



A variety of assessments are available, depending upon your personal needs and circumstances. Assessments provide objective information which can enhance your self-awareness, provide a framework for decision making and goal setting. Some of the assessments that may be recommended include 360-degree feedback, MBTI (Licensee of the MBTI assessment) and Team Assessment (Licensee of Team Diagnostics International).


A variety of concepts, models and principles drawn from leading coaching schools, literature and best practices are incorporated into the coaching conversation. Essence Leadership coaching promotes discovery-based inquiry and experiential learning instead of problem analysis, proactive (as opposed to reactive) ways of managing personal and professional challenges, envisioning success as contrasted with focusing on problems, and acknowledging others in order to bring out their best. Its effects in harnessing possibility thinking and goal-oriented action are profound.

We are committed to life long learning and adhere to the professional standards and ethics of the International Coach Federation, the leading body of the coaching profession world wide.