What is Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive relationship where the focus is on you. Your coach will help you find your way and stay on course. Your coach is totally curious about you, listens without judgment and allows you to deeply experience your emotions. Your coach is committed to what you want in life, someone to celebrate your victories with and to help you learn from setbacks. Coaching creates a context where people work on the most important issues of their lives.

How does the Coaching Process look like?

Coaching typically begins with a personal interview (either face-to-face or by teleconference call) to assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of our coaching relationship, identify priorities for action, and establish specific desired outcomes. The frequency and length of subsequent coaching sessions varies depending on your personal needs and preferences. We recommend a minimum of two hours of coaching per month to maintain focus and momentum. Between scheduled coaching sessions, you may be asked to complete specific homework assignments to support the achievement of your personally relevant goals.

What should you look for when selecting a coach?

You should expect your coach to have been trained by a recognized coach training organization, accredited by the International Coach Federation, certified by the coach training organization and/or the International Coach Federation, experience coaching individuals.

How do you ensure a compatible coaching relationship?

The best way to ensure a compatible relationship is to personally interview your prospective coach and allow yourself to sample his or her coaching approach by bringing a current challenge or opportunity to your interview. Ask yourself how comfortable you are with the coach's style. Remember that the best trained and most highly qualified coaches understand how to establish and manage the coaching relationship, including coaching to varied coaching agendas.

How long does a coach work with an individual?

As little as a few sessions to as much as a year or more, depending on the nature of the coaching issues to be addressed. There are no hard and fast rules, and coaching can continue as long as you believe you are obtaining value for your investment of time and resources. A minimum of three months is recommended to allow the impact of coaching to occur and to manifest.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us to arrange a complimentary initial coaching session. In this initial session, we'll talk about what's up in your work and life, answer your questions about coaching, and discover if there is good fit for us to work together in a coaching relationship.